From the recording The Joy Of A Diamond

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THE JOY OF A DIAMOND Joe knows the joy of a diamond
He smiles when he plays the sound
Somehow the rhythm keeps going
Wait for, wait for, wait for one to come around

Let the notes decompress, oh boy
Give your sore thumb a rest
Oh boy, the joy of a diamond
Bat cracks while you’re cracking peanuts
Green grass, angles everywhere
So fine, sitting at the diamond
Time stops, time stops time, you haven’t got a care
Looking down from the sky, oh boy
Any town you can find
Oh boy, the joy of a diamond
On your finger, around your neck
Maybe a carat or two, maybe less
Always perfect, forever fine
Reflecting in the sweet sunshine

True love standing at the altar
June bride, 1955
Time flies, diamond celebrations
Sixty, sixty, sixty years roll by
It’s a beautiful thing, oh boy
She’s still wearing the ring
Oh boy, the joy of a diamond