1. 27 Reasons

From the recording The Joy Of A Diamond

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27 reasons why I love the beach
Any ocean doesn’t much matter to me
Gonna count them down
Easy as 1-2-3

The salt and the sea
The smell and the breeze
The waves and the shells
The sand on my knees
The dunes, the walks, the endless view
The cloud that looks just like a shoe
If you’re counting along, that’s eleven

The jumping fish, the shrimping boats
Riding the waves on a flimsy float
Feeling my chair slowly sink
The way I like the way I think
If you’re counting along, that’s sixteen

Throwing the frisbee, flying a kite
Watching the children run from the tide
Building a castle made of sand
Watching my skin turning tan
If you’re counting along, that’s 21… yeah

Number 22 and it ain’t no joke
When I find a sand dollar and it ain’t broke
Number 23 is watching pelicans fly
Number 24 is watching them dive into the salty sea
That would be me if I could fly
Dancing in the sand is number 25
The way our senses come alive
That’s 26 and 27 is feeling free by the sea