From the recording The Joy Of A Diamond

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We had a time at Bo Su Le
A perfect sunset - 14 days
And they were different every night
I swear the camera can lie
You’ve got to be there

The water looked like Claude Monet
Had painted it, impressionist
Emerald green and shades of blue
So clear, the October sky
Sugar sand was so fine

And so was the sunrise most excellent
Like a heavenly kiss from above
Saying here is your day
Now go and play
And build a castle of love

Our sand was shaped like a Versailles
We chose that old century style
Lo and behold the story goes
It was there the next day
Still there the next day

And so were the dolphins and the dragonflies
And the manta rays and the butterflies
Saying oh what a day
We love when we play
On the beach of Bo Su Le

Bo Su Le was built in 1952
The same year I came into view
I am as old as Bo Su Le
And I say there’s never a bad day
When you’re on the beach, the beach of Bo Su Le