1. Let It Go

From the recording The Joy Of A Diamond

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Some days you get to fly
Every light is green
Some days, you don’t know why
Are like a bowl of ice cream
You reach out and hold on tight
You don’t want it to end
But this diamond day will slip away
Don’t you know, so you let it go

I know a control freak
Wound a little too tight
When his wheels get to spinning
Every little thing ain’t right
He grabs hold of a shovel
And starts digging a hole
He’s gonna shuffle off to Buffalo
If he don’t take the shovel and let it go

Loosen grip and your fingertips
Cause you’ll never know if you don’t let it go

Old Spike’s got his jaw clenched tight
On his favorite bone
When he gets that look in his eye
You best leave him alone
But old Spike’s got himself a dilemma
Cause I’m holding a fresh piece of steak
And there ain’t no way he’ll taste this steak
If he don’t take that bone and let it go